Welcome !

To change address so that your union, nation and Uppsala University has the right information, enter Ladok/Studentportalen. If you do not have an UpUnet-S-account you can change address at your Institution or at Studerandebyrån at Uppsala University.


If you are not a student at Uppsala University, you can contact your union or nation to change your addresss. You can also log in to Studentkortet’s website to change delivery address to be sure that your card is sent to the right place.

Here you can see your current balance. If your balance is negative, it is recommended to pay it as soon as possible in order to recieve your card. If your balance is positive you can use it for the upcoming fee, or get a refund at your nation or union. You can also pay your membership fee at your nation or at Uppsala studentkår during their reception hours.


The balance is now updated with the fees for the autumn semester 2021. If you only want to pay for the spring semester 2021, contact your nation or union. Please note that it can take a moment before your balance is updated after your payment.


If you are a new student, remember to complete your membership by contacting or visiting your nation to get your regular card physically and in the app.