Östgöta nation

Östgöta nation is the beautiful yellow house at Trädgårdsgatan that can become your second living room while you’re a student. At Östgöta you can study, drink coffee, go to a club, sing in a choir, work in the pub, apply for scholarships and much more.

Östgöta nation is situated in a beautiful yellow 19th century house at Trädgårdsgatan. At the nation we have a broad variety of activities – there is something for everyone! Whether you’re interested in playing boardgames, singing in a choir, eating burgers in the pub, drinking coffee in the café or playing floorball with our sports association we hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for at ÖG. And if you don’t, you might want to start up your own activity? Except for our beautiful house we’re also proud of the great atmosphere that we have at the nation, it’s easy to become part of our community!

For anyone who wants to get the most out of their student time by engaging in nation life there are great opportunities at ÖG. We have a lot of offices within restaurant as well as culture. We promise, it’s fun! As if that wasn’t enough getting engaged in the nation also increases your chances to get housing through us. Östgöta nation is actually one of the nations that has the most housing opportunities per member, and all of our housing is centrally located in Uppsala.

Whether you just want a place to chill out at or want to take the big step into nation life, Östgöta nation is waiting for you with open arms!


Membership fee per semester: 260 kr

At ÖG we are very proud of our hospices! We can offer everything from dorms to large apartments with hardwood floors and fireplaces.