Stockholms nation

Today, Stockholm Nation is famous for its legendary Thursday club and the annual Marsspex. From morning to evening the house is open for both those who want to study and for those who want to have breakfast or lunch. The nation also has several choirs, a dance group, a band and a sports club. It also provides the large number of scholarships and housing.

Stockholm Nation was founded in 1649 and has garnished a lot of students’ study time ever since. Today, the nation is famous for its legendary Thursday club and the annual Marsspex, but at the Nation there is something for everyone. Since 1848, the nation has been located on Drottninggatan 11 in a house built for the Nation by the Nation. Every weekday we serve breakfast, lunch and ”fika”. Two days a week, we also have “Pub Storstad” open, and on sundays you have the opportunity to enjoy our Sunday brunch café. When it comes to our regular activities, however, it is our Thursday club that we are most famous for in Uppsala’s student life. On Stockholm Nation, Thursdays are sacred, and regardless of whether you start the evening in our restaurant Holmiana or at our Lounge you will soon understand why.

The ”spex” tradition at Stockholm Nation is both long and strong. Since the middle of the 19th century there has been spex performances at the nation every year, and today it you can enjoy a spex performance on all our traditional events. The highlight of the year, however, is Marsspexet in mid March, which involves hundreds of people already starting in the fall. In addition to a dedicated ”Spexarcorps”, the nation has several choirs, a dance group, a house band, a magazine and a sports club.


Membership fee per semester: 325 kr

Stockholm's nation has housing for its members 15-minute walk from the city center.